1. No more excuses

    After shattering my kneecap in December, I lost a lot of motivation in regards to my health. Before the injury, I was in the best shape that I have been in a very long time.

    As a way to cope with the added stress, I turned to food. The amount of comfort food that I ate was ridiculous. I went from having relatively little belly fat to stomach that I’d rather not admit to this day. My current weight is 164 pounds as of September 14.

    Things need to change. I tried lowering my calories and did not change the type of calories that I eat. I know this isn’t the right way to do it. Little snacks here in there and candy at work has been counterproductive. No more excuses.

    Starting tomorrow, September 15, 2014, I will start eating full throttle Paleo. This is work for me in the past. Due to the sheer rate of how fast my body converts carbohydrates into excess fat, I’m confident that I have metabolic syndrome. I no longer have the luxury of eating excessive processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar-based products. In order to maintain good health I have to eat whole foods, meats and vegetables, and cook for myself as much as possible.

    Today I choose to change. With my diet, the way I eat, it is all or nothing. Doing otherwise just doesn’t work. I can do this. I can get back in shape. I won’t let one accident hold me back.

    In order to stay motivated, I am going to make the effort to blog more often. Here’s to better health.

  2. Winning at Chipotle. I usually ask them to put the sour cream in a cup so I can divide it in half. Either way the salad bowl without dressing is a great meal. The dressing alone is 270 calories of “vinaigrette”.

    Winning at Chipotle. I usually ask them to put the sour cream in a cup so I can divide it in half. Either way the salad bowl without dressing is a great meal. The dressing alone is 270 calories of “vinaigrette”.

  3. Can we just get real for a minute?

    In a desire for change, I decided to go for a shade of strawberry blonde. Not sure if I will keep it but I’ve enjoyed trying something different. I’ve had a myriad of responses: “I love it!”, “OMG. What did you do to your hair?”, and everything in between.


    I’m a designer. I’m gay. I have no shame in either fact. Yet it still amazes me how many designers or gays are judgmental. Part of being a great designer is always refining your world. Perfectionism is a natural tendency because you always expect better. I judge myself.

    To be real, real honest, there have been times where I have to check myself not to have an emotional response to feedback. Whether it be external or even internal.

    When I shattered my kneecap in December that made it very difficult to work out. I put on extra weight. Part of this was emotional eating and a good portion of it was immobility. Even now, months later, I’m finding it more difficult to keep up with the routine that I had before. I get tired easily. Sometimes I slip up and let my emotions talk me out of the very routine that will help me physically improve.

    Empathy is something the world could use more of. Myself included. Take a pause. Step back and look at the whole. Get to the “why” of the matter. “Oh wow, he put on a ton of weight. Lazy. Tisk.” Perhaps, there were underlying circumstances that affected that outcome.

    Going back to design, creating a great user experience is similar. Instead of looking at something one dimensionally, try to find the root cause. What is the user really trying to accomplish, struggling with, etc.

    I’m still working on my goals.

    However, I’m doing a heavy dose of soul searching to figure out why my actions have been counteractive to my good intentions.

    I won’t give up. I can’t. It just may take longer than I anticipated.

    Plus, ugh, cupcakes.

  4. Tired yet push. Gym done!

    So tired but I finished my workout. Sometimes I feel as if they aren’t good enough compared to those lifting the heavy stuff. Then I remind myself that I’m working on my core or baseline. Injury set me back but I’m doing just as I should in this moment. My workout is good enough for the stage that I’m at now. As is.

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    In order to maintain a healthy weight, I end up cooking a lot. This is a great lifehack on how to cut cherry tomatoes in half.