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    I will master this.

    I will master this.

  2. The new normal? No.

    I have to keep reminding myself that my current state is not permanent. I’m recovering from an injury, building muscle, and pushing to eat healthy.

    The thigh muscle’s condition will change. It will get better. I have to remind myself that continuing to exerciser the muscle will help to build back the muscle that atrophied while in the hospital.

    I can do this. One step and one day at a time.

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    Ethiopian beef tips with chopped spinach and hearts of palm purée by Power Supply. So good!

    Ethiopian beef tips with chopped spinach and hearts of palm purée by Power Supply. So good!

  4. Today I said NO.

    A few days ago, I went into the corner store craving a snack. Instead of buying something processed I bought a banana.

    Went to Starbucks with a coworker today and got unsweetened iced tea. I REALLY wanted a cake pop. Like four of them. I resisted and… got a banana. They had them on the counter.

    This is working. It helps. Bananas on every counter!

    Then today for dinner, out with friends, I had steamed shrimp and a salad. Waitress came around with the tray asking who wants dessert. It’s amazing how much of a struggle it was. They looked so good! Then I remembered, this is only temporary. This feeling will pass and just wait until Sunday for a cheat day.

    Sure enough, I talked myself out of it.

    Have to remember that for food, especially the bad kind, it’s okay to say no. Think longevity instead of brevity.

  5. The Cost of Being Healthy

    People tend to say that eating healthy is expensive and hard to do. You also know what is expensive? Medical bills and lots of them. It really is a trade off. Do you want to invest more now in the present to continue to feel healthy in your future.

    Simple as that.

    I did an experiment two years ago to see how much I was spending on food. I used Mint.com to analyze the data. I found out the following. ( The numbers aren’t actual but close enough. )

    $300 | 30 days | Going out to eat every day
    $300 | 30 days | Cooking at home, every day
    $700 | 30 days | Not being mindful, cooking or eating out

    How did this effect my health?

    Going out to eat = weight gain.
    Cooking at home = weight loss.
    Not being mindful = weight gain.

    I do enjoy cooking but not all the time. I’m single and I live alone so there tends to be lots of leftovers. When I make meatloaf, I eat meatloaf for days.

    New Experiment

    Last year, I tried Power Supply and loved them. However, the meals started to repeat. Decided to give them another try. I love it! They have bulked up on chefs now and have 3 different meal lines. Variety for days. They offer mixetarian ( light on the protein ), paleo, and vegetarian.

    My new experiment is to try them on and off. Cook at home for a week, let them cook for a week, and repeat.

    It works out nice. Cheaper than eating out in the city and I get healthy portion controlled fresh meals. It really is win win.

    We’ll see how this latest tweak to the experiment goes. Should be more sustainable.